An Urban Lot in transition. From elaborate Shakespearean Garden; to debris and weed tree filled lot; to manicured lawn complete with footpaths, flower beds, gazebo, pergola and pond; to overgrown habitat for all manner of urban critters. Read more to learn a brief history, current status, and future plans.
Since purchasing the Inn in 2009, we (with the help of family) have worked diligently to restore the Gardens to a popular venue for outdoor events. However, after hosting dozens of events, we realized that to make an eco-friendly, water-wise space, accessible to guests and those wishing to host outdoor events – required a broad re-imagining of the space.
So, in the Fall of 2017 we started by redefining the space with new fencing. 2018 and 2019 have been spent relocating perennials to new locations, pending preparation for more wide-scale landscaping changes to come in 2020 and 2021. Throughout, our goal has been to retain accessible, quiet, verdant, and peaceful pockets for our guests, while working steadily toward a new vision with a completion date of fall 2021. Till then, we continue to host smaller events on the patio and lawn.
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