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BnBs offer unique experiences – but delightful or dreadful depends on how well our style complements yours. Are we a good fit for you?
The truth- we’re a little quirky, completely genuine, with dispositions well-suited to the myriad challenges, demands, and joys of hosting visitors in a 100+ year old house. We chose Innkeeping as our latest adventure because we enjoy hosting people. We chose Kalamazoo because of the many and varied experiences it offers. And we chose this property because we appreciate the skill and craft that went into constructing this grand old lady. Since 2009 we have been making people feel welcome, helping them discover Kalamazoo, and working to restore this beauty, and secure her preservation for another 100 years.

Dana is unrelentingly optimistic, full of Midwest perkiness with a healthy dose of Presbyterian pragmatism. She is a reader, constantly learning new skills, admires creativity, prizes a sense of humor, and those who are quick witted and kind. Her personality is reflected in the décor, the breakfasts, and the many books scattered throughout the Inn.

A man with apron, long sleeves and woolen hat standing outside in winter grilling breakfast sausages and smiling at the camera.
Chris can zero in on the worst possible outcome of any course of action while still believing the line from the Best Exotic Marigold Hotel – “Everything will be alright in the end so if it is not alright it is not the end.” He enjoys working with his hands be it with the grill, the smoker, the eggs, or wood and any number of expensive carpentry and construction tools. In his “spare” time he bikes, games and serves in the arm-chair brigade – otherwise known as flight simulation service.

You are welcome to ask about our travels, parents (or grandparents!), past careers, military service, or Chris’ time on the NCCGC (National Competitive Cheese Grating Circuit).

But really, we’d much rather hear about you, your adventures and plans, and the world outside Kalamazoo.

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